Lakeside and Murrow Park Trail Map

Making a map of the trails connecting Murrow and Lakeside Parks seemed like a logical project for the PCF,  seeing as our goal is to beautify and illustrate how the two parks really are one.

For many years Lakeside Park was run as a conference center for the YMCA. Murrow Park was owned by the town and borders Lakeside.  When the town bought Lakeside Park in 2003 it seemed natural to connect the existing trails.  Many different groups, as well as the town, have maintained the trails, and they are currently looking the best they have in years.

With GPS technology, board member Ryan McGrath and his wife, Mary Lou, were able to capture the trails they walk every day as a beautiful map. Taking note of interesting landmarks, Ryan worked with artist Bart Arnold to help him understand and then display our great trails.

Ryan says of the project, “All of this time spent walking made me increasingly aware of the beauty, magnitude, and potential of our great green spaces and outbuildings.  We have an amazing asset in these parks. The goal from here is to realize what a gem it is and can be with care and some spit polish.”